Absolutely Gorgeous 160 Acres

  • cdn $139,000
Neebing, ON P7L 0B8, Canada, Neebing

Absolutely Gorgeous 160 Acres

Neebing, ON P7L 0B8, Canada, Neebing
  • cdn $139,000

Property Information

Breathtaking, absolutely stunning 160 acre parcel tucked away in the rolling hills of Blake township.

Blake township is within the municipality of Neebing in northwestern Ontario. This is an organized township.

An ideal location to build your dream home, a great spot for recreational adventures or maybe just a secluded hunting grounds.

The property is just a short 30 minute drive south of Thunder Bay.

The property has approx 335 feet of frontage on Walker Rd S.

The owner has cleared a road into the property which leads to the field.

The property appears to come with surface. mineral and tree rights. Pine trees are reserved to the crown.

Very diverse terrain, with rolling fields, streams, seasonal ponds, mature trees and rugged mountainous outcroppings. From the topographic contour maps the property has a high elevation of approx 300m down to 220m.

Jarvis river meanders through the property, with a shoreline of approx 1065 meters (3505 feet).

Crown land abuts the property along the western side and the south east corner. All the land to explore, hike or even to hunt.

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